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Distillery door now open!

Join us for a wonderful tasting experience. Our gins and vodka are hand-crafted right here on Bruny Island and feature the finest local ingredients. 

Open Thursday to Sunday from 11am - 5pm

Other times please call 0428 390 393

Please see us at Lunawanna Market Sunday 2 June, 9-2pm !


Spirit of Bruny

White Wallaby Gin

Inspired by our island life on stunning Bruny Island. White Wallaby is our signature gin. 

Pure and refreshing White Wallaby Gin is a full flavoured sensory delight. Enjoy citrus notes and a deliciously smooth finish, playful on your palate with a relaxed summer vibe.

A bronze medal winner at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 2023 World Gin Awards!

Citrus Fruits

Our Story

White Wallaby gin being poured into a balloon glass by a person wearing a Spirit of Bruny apron.

Created in December 2021 Spirit of Bruny® is a special blend of science and art.


Our spirit making journey began when we moved from our off-grid, solar and steam powered house at Oyster Cove to Simpsons Bay on Bruny Island.


Distiller, Mark Mather is a retired doctor and the local electrician, well known for his energy and humour. A homebrewer of awesome craft beers for over 25 years this talented Sparky is now distilling award winning spirits for your drinking pleasure.


Artistic partner Lorrell Linda loves design, nature and alchemy. The white wallaby label is an original pencil drawing by Lorrell, inspired by the white wallabies living on our property.

At our micro-distillery we create top quality spirits in small batches using traditional and contemporary methods. Our superb spirits make a very special addition to your spirits collection.  




Having lived a rural lifestyle for over 40 years, sustainability comes naturally. Here are some of the ways we walk the sustainability talk.


We recycle wherever possible and compost all biodegradable materials. To help minimize food miles we use fresh botanicals from our property and mostly Tasmanian and Australian products.


We use filtered rainwater collected from our roof. Our still is solar powered and condensed using low energy evaporative water cooling which is then used to water plants in our glasshouse.


Label backing, paper and cardboard is re-purposed as packaging for our on-line sales or mulched into the garden.


Our discounted bottle refill program significantly reduces resource waste.

A bottle of White Wallaby gin with a leafy backgroun
Citrus Fruits
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